Safeguard Your Business Data with Our Asset Protection Services


With the growing number of natural disasters and cyber-attacks, it has become essential for companies to protect business-critical data and ensure their lasting prosperity. At BTS, we help companies craft and implement plans that will provide the safe return-to-operations in the event of a data disaster. Our team of specialists even performs mock disaster tests to identify flaws before the unthinkable strikes, ensuring timely and complete recovery when your company needs it most.

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plans also help to mitigate risks and costly downtime. Businesses can reap the benefits of smoother operations while protecting critical data assets. With advances in Backup and replication technologies, companies can also alleviate the hassle and management woes of system backups. Our fully managed backup solutions are created for both physical and virtual environments and include local, off-site storage, and/or cloud storage for speed of restoration and easy access.

BTS’s team specialists has decades of experience planning and implementing trusted plans. With Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications and a history of performing audit and risk assessments, our experts can help companies mitigate risks and fortify the protection of corporate and client data.